Ashley’s Secret

Ashley Cole! Batty boy?

One of Soccer Hotties favorite cohorts sent us this phenomenal video. It’s an Arsenal fan’s response to the 2006 rumor about two English Premier League soccer stars involved in a gay orgy sex tape scandal with a well-known London DJ. The DJ was rumored to be Choice FM’s Masterstepz (real name: Ian Thompson) and Ashley Cole was identified as “Player A,” the participant subject to the sauciest of the orgy’s sex acts. Cole denied the allegations and won libel damages from News of the World and The Sun, but we love the song too much to not share it. From the beat to the lyrics, it’s truly something to be enjoyed. 

In early 2008, the Chelsea star faced scandal of another sort when hairdresser Aimee Walton claimed she had a romp with a drunken Cole after meeting him in a London nightclub. Cole, married to British singer Cheryl Tweedy, from the pop group Girls Aloud, denied these charges as well. The couple, dubbed the new Posh and Becks for their lavish spending, were paid 1.5 million pounds by OK! magazine for the rights to cover their 2006 wedding.

When the rumor first emerged, Cheryl was dismayed that fellow WAG Posh offered her no support, however she defends Ashley. The scandal now behind them, Cheryl, a judge on Simon Cowell’s “The X Factor,” is eager to have Ashley’s baby, even reportedly putting on seven whole pounds in a preemptive effort to prep her body. We don’t care if Ashley’s gay or straight, apparently he’s simply a cheater with bad taste, and a dim wife.


Gay players mask their identities and create new public personas, simply so they can play the game they love. Openly gay soccer stars are hard to find, and for good reason; players can suffer tremendously on and off the pitch.


Justin Fashanu, the sports first and—to this day—only openly gay player, as well as the first black soccer star to command a million-pound transfer fee, for joining Nottingham Forest, was driven to suicide amid sex scandal rumors, after regularly enduring hostile chants from the terraces. Fashanu discussed the difficulty of being an out player in the July 1991 issue of Gay Times. Perhaps his struggle and tragic demise is enough of a deterrent  to prevent others from coming out and facing similar scrutiny. 


Certainly, in Cole’s case,  the emergence of the rumor hasn’t helped his straight campaign, and has made him an easy target of Arsenal—and other teams—fans who eagerly taunt him with ‘batty boy’ slurs. But there are still those who sing his praise. Soccerlens recently named Cole to their “All-Time Premiership XI” squad. Contributing blogger Andy Sammons reluctantly selected Cole stating, 

“I was physically straining with the input of Ashley Cole, but personality aside, I think he’s an absolutely fantastic full-back-like Neville, but with the attacking flair. He can pass and move in a way unlike any full-back I have ever seen, and this includes Roberto Carlos, because he couldn’t defend! I saw Cole live recently, and was astounded at his movement, and the way he pinned back the opposition full-back.” 

So even though Ashley Cole isn’t one of our Soccer Hotties, we’re sure this makes him even more of a Soccer Hottie to others, just perhaps those far kinkier than us.  


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